Recover Abandoned Cart Super

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be charged anything for the first 30 days?

NO. We give first 30 days as complimentary, that means you will not be charged a single cent for using our app during your first 30 days. And after that based on your selected plan only.

Is there a fixed charge every month?

In our FREE plan (which is what you get by default), we do not charge any fixed amount on monthly basis, but instead we only charge for the emails that you send out. Which is a usage based charge of $1 per 100 emails.

How do I get started?

As soon as you land on our app page, we'll ask you to enable the app. Which you can do by clicking on the “Enable Now” button. Once that is done, our app would be live running & continuously checking for abandoned carts automatically. You can simply click “Disable” anytime to pause the recovery, and enable back again.

Do I need to know Coding?

Not at all. Our sole purpose of making this app is to provide value to every kind of stores, whether you are an individual business owner or a large corporation, you do not need to know any coding at all, this is a completely automated app which works by itself.

How long is the support time?

We take pride in providing excellent support to all our customers, whether it be free or paid plan. In most scenarios, we'll be there live for you any time of the day, but in case of high traffic it might take us a couple minutes to resolve your queries. To expect instant resolutions our working active hours are (GMT): 2:00 AM to 7:00 PM

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